• Innovation Facilitator
  • Scientific Resource
  • Claims Development and Substantiation
  • Scientific Strategies for Health Positioning
  • Content Creation

Matthew Robinson

Managing Director

An accomplished, internationally experienced R&D leader, people manager, scientist and chef. He has a successful track record for turning the promise of nutrition science into tangible, consumer-oriented opportunities, which add significant value and benefit top and bottom line growth. He brings with him the proven ability to reframe consumer needs into a technical framework for development. He is also equally skilled in claims development and substantiation, technology development, product pipeline creation and facilitating creative and innovative thinking. For more information download his CV here.  Click here for a look at the type of work exCLAIM has done in the past.

exCLAIM International - helping clients turn the promise of science into profitable business opportunities.


  • Planning and Facilitating Innovation Sessions
  • Innovation Participant - A resource to add scientific expertise, experience, great ideas and tons of energy to innovation sessions


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exCLAIM International - helping clients fulfill their innovation needs using proven techniques.

The Science and Art of Claims

There is an art to turning science into consumer or healthcare professional relevant claims. Whether it be re-evaluating science that already exists or creating a full strategy from clinical trial to health claim dossier, exCLAIM International has extensive experience and can help develop successful claim pipelines that cover the short, medium and long term horizon.


  • Scientific Resource
  • Scientific Assessments - Translate Science into Business Opportunities 
  • Creation of Claim Language and Appropriate Substantiation
  • Create Scientific Strategies to Substantiate Health Positioning
  • Health Claim Dossier Strategies and Writing
  • Concept , Technology and Product Development
  • Establish and Manage Scientific Advisory Boards or Research Consortia
  • Scientific Spokesperson - A Public Interface on Scientific Issues

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exCLAIM International - helping clients translate science into business opportunities and manage scientific affairs.


  • Create Consumer Focused Articles and Advertorials.
  • Create Healthcare Professional Focused Articles and Advertorials.
  • Create Consumer Focused Communications for Websites.
  • Create  Healthcare Professional Communications for Website.
  • CRM Program Content Creation and Resource.

Content Creation

exCLAIM International  specializes in creating compelling communications for both the consumer and healthcare professional. Whether it is creating advertorials or content for websites, exCLAIM has experience translating technical topics into information both the consumer and healthcare professional can embrace and use.  exCLAIM has written print articles for the consumer and medical press as well as contributed to CRM activities by providing communications for brand newsletters. In addition, exCLAIM has written complete websites on a variety of topics.  Do you have a dealine coming up quickly?  No problem.  exCLAIM can turn around content in a short period of time.  Get in touch to discuss your individual needs.  Read about other projects exCLAIM has been hired to do here.

exCLAIM International - helping clients meet all of their content creation needs.



    exCLAIM International

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    Managing Director

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